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Cheryl Franklin



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Music instruction master Cheryl Franklin delights in sharing the same birthday as Mozart, Jerome Kern and Kate Wolf. Born in San Francisco, she was raised in a musical family spanning many generations. Musically self-taught as a young child, she began performing and entertaining on stage at an early age and continued her musical studies at Whitman College and The Juilliard School.

Franklin has taught, performed and recorded music since 1968. Every day she loves quenching the thirst for her love of music, and is grateful to share her musical knowledge and excitement with others. She specializes in beginners of all ages, differently abled, and adult “beginning againers.”

She believes in the power and benefits of listening to, learning and playing music. Her primary goal and mission in life is to musically touch as many people as she possibly can in the world, and to make a positive difference in their lives. Miss Cheryl has developed her own unique style and technique for igniting and fueling the fire of musical passion each one of us has inside. Her number one rule in music is, “Have fun!”, and her number two rule is, “Play more, so you’ll have more fun!”